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Петиция “Исследование Славянских Вед”

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Просим содействия в исследовании Славянских Вед и исключения из экстремистских материалов

Подписать Петицию




WikiLeaks VIDEO

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WikiLeaks VIDEO

WikiLeaks: the truth is out there – feat. Hillary Clinton vs Alex Jones [RAP NEWS 6]


Three Moons of the Ancient Earth and Vedas

I do not know if this subject is anyhow discussed in English-speaking Internet. I pretty tenuously researched it and really found no information. So, I wanted to share it with you. In fact, it is a translation of the other article at a Russian site http://ufobase.ru/ Do not judge biased looking at the site name – it was the first link Google gave me. Though I have researched this topic some time ago reading through different sources. It is really a summary of it all. Plus, there is a good illustration.

So here we go:

At the moment the Moon is the closest and mysterious satellite of our planet. Modern science can not explain much of the Moon (facts). For example, the fact that the moon is always turned to us with one side, that the lanscape of the invisible part of the moon is completely different from the other, as if it were two completely different celestial bodies formed at different times. But Earth has not always had one moon, as it is now.

Three moons of the Ancient Earth

Three moons of the Ancient Earth

My notes: Мидгард = Midgard (Earth in Slavo-Aryan Vedas, later borrowed by Indian culture, so now they have their own Vedas. Slavic (Russian) culture lost Vedas due to outrageous and forced сhristianization) in 988. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianization_of_Kievan_Rus%27

Луна Леля = Lel moon – orbital period 7 days

Луна Фатта = Fattah moon – orbital period 13 days

Луна Месяц = ‘Myesyaz’/Month moon (in Russian culture it is called “sickle moon”) – orbital period 29.5 days

End of my notes

The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas and other ancient sources say that the Earth originally had two moons. This small moon – Lel and large – Month. Lelia revolved around the Earth with an orbital period of 7 days. Month orbital period was 29.5 days. Moons were gravitationally stabilizing satellites of the planet, allowing to maintain the desired eccentricity of the orbit, slowing down or speeding up rotation of the Earth. Thus, the duration of the year and the number of days in a month were precisely regulated. But the moons were also a wonderful springboard for the invasion and capture of the planet. Such events are narrated in the Vedas.


More than 150,000 years ago there was another stellar battle in our galaxy. It also touched  our solar system. Massive battle played out for the possession of the planet Phaeton. Planet Phaeton had two moons: Fattah and Letizia. Fattah was a larger companion of Phaeton, and it carried frontier forces to repel a possible attack. However, the enemy managed to capture Letizia as a springboard to attack. It was decided to move (teleportation) Phaeton through Newerth/Otherworld to another star system, along with the population. After that Letitia was struck by a powerful blow. There was an enormous explosion and Leticia was destroyed. However, the explosion was so powerful that it blew away much of the Mars and several Jupiter’s moons atmosphere which were from the Phaeton side. After these events, the moon Fattah became the third satellite of the Earth. Month and Lel were in their orbits, and Fattah was placed between them.

Fattah rotated in the equatorial plane of the Earth. Due to the fact that Fattah was slightly smaller than Month and had great speed under the Earth and Fattah influence  Lel got ovoid shape. As a result of the rotation of the three moons around the Earth its climate started to change, new species of plants and animals appeared. (In astrological calculations still (apart from the moon) the so-called “fictitious planets”: Black Moon – Lilith (Lel) and the White Moon – Selena (Fattah) are used).

Around 112,000 years ago moon Lel  was captured by enemies, and considerable forces were focused on it. (In the Vedas they are called “Koschei – rulers of the gray.” Grave danger of the Earth invasion threatened. Then Tarkh Perunovich (curator and patron of Rossinia – Perun’s son) was forced to destroy the moon Lel together with all the enemies on it. A blow was dealt at a time when Lel and Month were on one side of the Earth, and Fattah was on the other. Month was already ahead of Lel in its orbital motion. As Lel was the nearest moon to us it was imposible to avoid the catastrophe, unfortunately. Pieces of the destroyed moon mostly flown into space beyond the orbit of the Month, causing some destruction on it and blowing its atmosphere away, and a few large fragments fell to the Earth. This caused the first Global Flood and, asa results, the first Ice Age in Earth’s history. It drowned the northern continent Da’Arias (Arctida, Hyperborea), where at that time lived in the general population of the Earth, into depths of the ocean.

As Lel had 50 salty seas and it its own atmosphere the waters of the Arctic Ocean became salty (before that they were fresh). It changes not only the appearance of the Earth, but also the temperature conditions on the planet. The Earth’s axis started a pendulum movement and changed its tilt. Intensive motions of continental plates began with the formation of new mountain ranges and land spaces. But people were warned in advance by a votary by the name of the Savior (Russian “Spas”), who had a vision during the service about a coming  catastrophe. He made calculations of moons movement and found that such an event could easily happen. It was decided to begin the resettlement of people family lines (Russian “rod”) to the southern area of the Earth, which had already begun to get rid of the waters. Da’Arias sank gradually, so in 15 years people gradually moved along the narrow land bridge of the Ural Mountains on the territory of modern Trans-Urals and Siberia.

THE SOURCE Three Moons of Midgard



Как проходит аттестация персонала на казенных предприятиях

Вот такая вот у нас, подопечных Минпромторга, проходит аттестация сотрудников*.

Приходит коллега из отдела кадров и говорит: «У нас скоро будет аттестация».

Я: «Ура-а-а!». Почему так радостно? Часто аттестация служит поводом для повышения зарплаты.

Я: «Что надо сделать?».

Коллега: «Нужно составить 60 вопросов касательно рабочего процесса: на знание ТБ, пожарной безопасности, устава предприятия, часть из них должна касаться непосредственно твоей должности, т.е. профессиональный вопросы. Психологические вопросы даст отдел кадров. Общие вопросы мы придумаем сами, а профессиональные придумай ты для себя. Должно быть по типу теста, и 4 варианта ответов с одним правильным».

Улавливаете? Сам вопросы составил для аттестации, сам ответил, причем ответил хорошо, так как ты же знаешь на них ответы…

No comments…

А я только хотела сегодня усердно поработать, у меня есть основная работа и совмещение, не имеющее отношение к основной, т.е. две разные думки думать приходится.


* – Аттестация персонала
Система мероприятий, целью которых является индивидуальная оценка деятельности сотрудника. Чаще всего аттестация применяется в следующих случаях: 1. для регулярной оценки эффективности профессиональной деятельности всех сотрудников компании; 2. для оценки деятельности сотрудников непосредственно по окончании испытательного срока — для принятия окончательного решения; 3. в ситуации кардинальных изменений в структуре организации (слияние-поглощение, смена собственника и т.п.).



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Shouldn’t parent be responsible for what their kids see in The Internet? Or if they decide not to keep an eye on the visited sites – that it’s still their personal parental decision, isn’t it?

Plus, there are sites with content forbidden for underage kids, but the have put a window where you, before entering the site, should confirm that you are over 18 years old and then pass on. If the kid is lying – it’s totally on parents’ heads. Why should the rest of the public suffer? I don’t get it.

It’s like closing a sex-shop just because the kids can go by. Isn’t it stupid? We’ve got explicit banner of sex-shops all around Moscow. And nobody cares.

Double standard, guys!


New Linkin Log (Vlog) #3

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I pity those who follow fashion…

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I pity those who follow fashion. And lately the fashion is to say “Putin is evil”.

Do you, Europeans and Americans think we see him as our hero, that we are in love with his policy at home? No. Far from it. We have our still undecided problems in social sphere and what not. It’s a big country, it takes times and patience to govern our Motherland.

But there are times when we are proud of our President. We are proud when he does not let our country offended. We are proud when he keep greedy hands of American and European rulers away from us. There is nothing more valuable for a Russian person than the sence of JUSTICE! It is inborn and inherited. We do not need a political analyst to see when SOME COUNTRY is WRONG. Totally wrong.

Surely THIS country has its own interest here, its avaricious interest. Same is The UK, for your information. But I talk about common people who just want NO MORE DEATHS. The People who do not want their relatives and friends killed. Many Russian people have relatives in Ukraine in both parts.

I don’t watch TV for almost 7 years. but when I come home to my Mum I watch news with her. And what I see? I see everyday reports on our main channels with footage of civil people being killed in Eastern Ukraine. Someone’s grandpa’s and grandma’s, pregnant women, invalids are torn in meat pieces while they simply walk around their block of flats at midday. Is it OK?

I see nightmares every night after such news.

So, what I am leading to… People who follow fashion are no better than sheep. When a teenager girls dreams of nothing than o mobile phone by an infamous brand just because it is fashionable I pity her.

Fashion is for those who don’t have their own creativity to choose for themselves.

I pity those who follow fashion. I like people with STYLE.

If you know what I mean…


Want Learning Not to Drown published in your country? Let my publisher know!

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Anna Shinoda

Many of you around the world continue to ask me via various social media outlets if Learning Not to Drown will be translated and released in your country.  Other than Germany (release date TBA), there aren’t plans for international releases yet, but my publisher is working on it.

As much as I love hearing that you are excited about my book and want it in your language, there isn’t much I can do about it… but…

You can help!

My editor wants to hear from you!  She wants to know where in the world people are interested in Learning Not to Drown.  And, if she has letters from you, she can bring them into acquisition meetings to show that there are already readers who want the book in those areas.  That can make a huge difference.

If you want to see Learning Not to Drown in your country, write a letter to…

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I tried to love people…

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Post #2

Oh, I tried to love people, every other person like Jesus preached. I did. I tried not because I’m religious (which I’m not, I’m rather spiritual though), but because I know it is really important for myself, for others, for the whole planet. I know it.



Happiness is everywhere where I’m not

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Post #1

Happiness is everywhere where I’m not. I should be used to it by now, but I never fail to step on the same rake. I mean I should reconcile myself to this fate. It’s not my path to be happy. Though somehow I always forget about it and try and try again ‘till I’m bruised and broken. Make oneself happy and become happy through making others happy is NOT the same thing.



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