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The Theory of Lies. Average Citizen POV.

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The theory of lies. Average citizen POV.

Recently I found out something interesting about Egyptian pyramids, its origin, “sun gods”… So, I actually made a conclusion main-stream scientific channels lie to us. Ok, maybe not LIE but with the help of certain video techniques they make us draw our own WRONG, distorted, far-from-truth conclusions. Like those about that EGYPTIAN PYRAMINDS WERE BUILT BY THE EGYPTIANS IN APPROX 3000 BC (there’s no SCIENTIFIC PROOF by the way), THEY WERE USED AS PHARAOHS TOMBS (do you know that no mummy was found INSIDE the pyramids?).

Ha-ha! Now that is strange…

What the heck is the difference to a housewife in Nebraska if Egyptians used pyramids as tombs, or some other place? If it makes no difference then why do they mess up the information? Why would you want to hide something so insignificant and ‘a piece of routine’, cultural stuff? I will tell you why.

If you will know that there’s something wrong about the Egyptians history we know, this traditional presentation, it will suddenly erase interdependence with other cultures and draw new history lines. Those new logical lines will lead to the EXTEMELY different facts and conclusions. You’ll be astonished to find out what is really there. But who wants that? They ‘guard’ your ‘peace’.

They hide discoveries and make you think that:

  1. we are alone in the WHOLE Universe. (if you all like being logical then I’ll tell you something. Is it really logical to think that we are the only planet with such an advanced life? Huh? In the trillions of millions of stars the answer will be “NO”)
  2. UFOs are fiction and a topic of ridicule.
  3. spiritual world is not real and is a part of a religion. As it is not real it has nothing to do with actual science. (which is WRONG).
  4. …and many other things that professional skeptics make you think of as NON-existing…

They want to hide it because the knowledge isn’t lost. Those universal laws of creation. It’s is still there among the bearers, who’ve learnt to abuse power, they are like smart little kids have learnt how to manipulate less gifted kids.

I know what I’m saying. I used to joke around with my male friend when I was 7 and he was 6. A very naïve and not analytically thinking little guy. We had found our ‘treasure’, a piece of a plastic castle, tower top, very beautiful. And I easily managed to make him think this was some magical totem which I can charm with my words, dig it under the sand and he will die! [Everybody was fascinated with the notion of life and death, well I definitely was.] And he was begging me with tears in his eyes to dig it out and remove the spell.

How do you like that? He really believed in it. Given the power you keep it up on the constant basis, so that when a person grows an adult they will still believe because no one taught them otherwise. They wouldn’t even imagine that they were lied to! Now I know that from my childhood ‘cruel’ experience. (Honestly speaking I didn’t even think he’d believe it the first place. So I’m not guilty, don’t judge me.)

Coming back to the point, they know that sooner or later you will realize that those bytes, images and videos of information are actually puzzle pieces that you CAN put together. So, the insignificant will become very much significant and rather meaningful. A completed puzzle will give you a complete picture of the world which equals to ‘the forbidden knowledge’. As soon as you realize this you will automatically become ‘dangerous’ to the still sleeping majority of the society.

Usually a secret is no secret at all. It’s an illusion. You watch a magician do his tricks and think he does magic, though it is only well-organized series of actions, a manipulation. As soon as you know the nature of the trick, of the secret, of the magic – you are no longer dependent on it. Because NO ONE, you hear me? NO human being has the legal and given right to rule over the other human being. We are all equal. And we are ONE.

This ‘secret’ knowledge is capable of setting you free. They know it and they don’t want it.

It’s like if I had told my 6-year old friend that this plastic thing has no magic power over his life – I’d lose my authority and his trust. Right?

Egypt – search for the truth

Find out on your own.

The information is there in the open. You are only to take it and put the pieces together.



  1. It’s nteresting 🙂

    Comment by olgeya — 28.02.2010 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

  2. Excellent

    Comment by CSIWEMBLEY — 28.02.2010 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

    • thank you, I tried to put things logically and make clear statements

      Comment by silverglepha — 13.03.2010 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

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