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What Matters Most To You, Will Be Matter

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I got this text by e-mail from this site – ASHTAR
I’m registered there, so once in a while I get updates and things like that. But that very blog entry caught my attention, and I want to share it with you all.

“What Matters Most To You, Will Be Matter” By Ben-Arion

From my Blog April 26, 2010.


When I was about 14 years of age I read the Conversations with god Series, by Niel Donald Walsh. These books reminded my heart what life is about. I would recommend all to read these mind and heart opening books.

Spirituality is not a concept, its a word, interpreted by the human mind, where we try to find what is spiritual and what is not. People feel less Spiritual when indulging “heavy” thoughts or cannot control their feelings. Being enlightened is BEingness and you can’t add something to that.

The mind is confused, its playing out thoughts on this stage, called earth. Everything you believe or think about is just Temporary, your view will change All the time, all is in movement, thats the first thing I would teach if i would ever teach something. I dont see myself as a teacher. I just like to Simplify things.

I feel a strong Attachment to my Being here on earth, but I know that this is just a temporary experience.

Its not about Gathering as many as possible or save anyone from anything, so all can ascend etc. All will do that eventually anyway, no matter what I do or don’t do.

All people are guided. No one is obligated to take responsibility for the worlds state. What I mean by that is, you cant put all of the worlds problems on your shoulders. I myself feel a strong commitment in doing things I love, like writing and creating. I love communication and technology, the internet, mobile communication etc.

I have a vision in my heart that I hold on to, not in desperation, but in Humbleness and Love.

I believe in A Society where we can have all things in abundance, intergalactic Free travel, free communication and non polutive technology etc. Its possible right now, change will come.

Ascension is another Label to reflect on. For me Ascension takes place on the inner planes, and will be reflected in our society, it is a change in perspective and the lesson is self love. Ascend into your heart and feel your totality. The inner and outer is Prespective of the one and Only Isness. There are no out there or in here. Its all omnipresent.

I read that more and more celebrities Join different Organisations or Religions. For example Scientology and Jehovas etc. It seems that many people wants to belong somewhere or follow something to feel safe and secure. If we understand that Home is who we are, we can create our own Life philosphy within. Ashtar Command is not a religion or hiarchy organisation, its a Communication Network, where information can be shared. A library for humanity.

The world is within you, you are the world, heal yourself and heal the world.

“What Matters Most To You, Will Be Matter”

I just got that thought now, from nowhere when in a state of relaxation, which make me think about, that everything will come to the one who is in Trust and in the moment. If you think about something, and you think that everyday, for one year, it will be as “truth” for you. Eventually it will be manifested in matter, and you see what you believe.

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Namaste Ben-Arion

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