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Are You Spiritual?

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I see that being spiritual is the key aspect of our today life, especially in our messed up times. You might have noticed how many people (celebrities as well) ‘dive’ into religions, any religions. It’s not by chance. They see the need but sometimes they find not a very appropriate way of ‘filling that hole’. The realization is already good.

I want to point out here that being religious and spiritual is NOT the same thing. According to the Bible and the words of some prophets (I don’t remember who) – Church Will Kill Religion Itself, and it’s not by chance again. It’s because religion as a cult distorted the real face of god and spiritual truth. Everything that’s in the Bible is … well NOT religious. Bible is a history book and the bible is a prophecy book. Christ never thought to be a part of some religion, he actually taught the opposite.

But what do we have next? There goes some very clever guy who sees a great potential in the book. The potential to manipulate people. He quickly organizes church and Christ worshiping institution and here you go, we have Vatican in the end, and the whole world going crazy about that, Jeeee!How can you not notice that the Pope and Brad Pitt or whoever has the same status! A celebrity!

I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in Russia people say: “if you want to become rich – create a new religion”.

No human being has the right to forgive all your sins, no human being has the right to act on behalf of God. There ain’t no legal God representatives! Well if you like to be played around and fooled then go ahead, go hysteric about the Pope and the whole masquerade. Your choice, your karma, you experience, you task to fulfill in this life.

I’m a good example of how a mutilated religion affected my perception and pushed me away from the spiritual things in my life. At the age of 4 maybe 5 I asked my mother who god is and what this THING is. She told me the traditional thing. Ok, that was a cultural shock for me.

I really remember what I thought back then:

  1. What? A god up there? Who said he is there? Why should I have faith in him? Who says I should believe in him? That old man with a beard? In the skies? I’d get bored if I were him. You can’t watch anthill all day and not get bored! And if you watch it all your life? Has he nothing else to do?
  1. Why do people need someone powerful and almighty to believe in? Here I am, age 5, living my not so carefree childhood in a very difficult moment of my country’s history. I haven’t even had the thought of imagining some invisible friend that can listen to my whining, make my wishes come true. Why should I? Are they not grown-up yet? I’m telling you, after this conversation with my Mum I really started to doubt grown-up people’s mental health. Religious people I mean.

I sure believed in magic and wanted to see and have it in my life but… I refused to seriously believing in the type of god I was presented. This was crazy for me even then.

Years later I felt superior to the people who had that need to go to church and believe in god and hope he will be there to help them. I felt stronger, like I needed no one to stand firmly on the ground and not to give up on my hopes and dreams.

People and TV always fed me with stories like: her husband got sick and she turned to god and prayed endlessly for his health and it HELP, oh my god, it helped! He miraculously fully recovered! It gotta be working, right? Then it means god is there and he listens! Right? Can’t be any other explanation, can it?

Well of course there is but do people need to know it? NO! And who says NO? The official point of view, the government, the science, the church! Huh? Even the church is all about conspiracy! God save me!

‘Official’ is the key word. Official – the type of opinion and scientific discovery that WAS LET to be known. Period. And the rest is a non-official info which somehow became a synonym to LIES?! So people literary wait for that zombobox to CONFIRM info/discovery/rumor/what not for it to become TRUE! Nonsense. “Ya’ know if they say it on TV must be true. They can’t lie, can they? Why would they?” No comments…

I moved form being fully atheist to a person who has faith. And I’m in the full right to talk about god as I have god IN me. I don’t need to hear a quote or two from the Bible to know what god said, or how he wanted me to act. I have god IN me and I can “look it up” anytime. All you need is to look inside you and reflect on what you do, your conscience will never fail you.

Have you noticed that when you do something you shouldn’t you still do it BUT you have that thought in your head that what you do is wrong or not good of a good person? That it’s not what people will expect a good person to do. Have you?

And you know you should, you always know you should help or do or not do something but sometimes you don’t follow your inner voice because you don’t have time, or too lazy or not in the mood for it.

That’s the key point. That’s your higher self that ALWAYS knows better. It always knows what’s good or bad. The thing is that your mind and you soul or higher self is not the same thing, you can always disagree and you have a CHOICE. You ALWAYS have a choice.

People are sooo submissive even if they never realize it, people want to be led and ruled, they want that freaking superman from another highly developed planet! But there are some people who want to rule, so they say: ok, you want a superman, we will give you a superman, but you promise to sell your soul to us, ok? Fair enough? Deal, man.

That’s how it goes, that’s what religion is all about.

Now I’m really regretting I was drawn from all these spiritual things and wasn’t born in Tibet.

Having my brain and soul in tack I moved from a total atheist to a spiritual person with an understanding of god nature. It’s a hard work, exhausting labor, but I did succeed. All you need to do the same is have a critical mind and understand that you have a choice!

Those people who quote the Bible and rarely follow it themselves unnerve me, and I know it’s bad to feel like this but I really can’t help it. I don’t think they’ll appreciate me preaching to them. I’m always itchy to do it though.

Why in hell do you need a church, a god, a bible, and commandments to know how to act, to know right from wrong? So you need god’s country and god’s law to keep you from sinning? Are you unstable or what?

Imagine we lived in a world where people never invented religion as it is, would they go and sin every step they take? Why would they?

You have a consciousness, a free will and a choice. And I hope you at least have that head on your shoulders. Won’t that help you see what’s good or bad? Can’t you tell white from black? Jesus, you can’t be serious! Every person intuitively knows THAT! When a child is hit he/she cries and knows that it definitely was bad! Right? A kid might be 3 years old or less and doesn’t give a damn about religion, he/she just KNOWS it was wrong to be treated like that.

When you’re hurt and you know it you’ll never hurt another person, as you know how it feels. If you don’t understand it, if you need some higher scary force to forcefully imprint that in you head under the fear of revenge then I’m sorry you’re either weak or plain stupid. I’m sorry for giving those evaluations, but seriously, until you call a person an idiot they will never realize and act normal.


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