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Huge Winged Disс Near the Sun

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On AboveTopSecret Forum I found a thread where a person gave a link to a photo of the sun taken by SOHO, then I deleted “the tail” of the pic, that is /…../…../……jpeg,  so that i would see the place where the pic is stored, the original catalogue.

So, I got here


As you can see, there a date at the top of the page, so if you go back in the catalogue you’ll see that photos are taken everyday, and if you go open every pic one after another you’ll see that photos are taken EVERY 12 mins EVERY day since I don’t know when (you can see for your self). The date of the pic you see in the print screen is the time when a pic was updated to the site, and the time when the pic was taken is ON the pic itself.

One more thing you see on that print screen is the pic file name. 512 and 1024 stand for the SIZE of the pic, so we obviously have  1 pic in 2 version: a thumbnail and a full version. That means that those pic are somewhere on the site, but I honestly couldn’t find the page. I think they are MEANT for the site but are NOT there.

So, I go further.

Here’s what I found (pay attention to the dates):

March 27, 2009

October 13, 16, 24, 26 , 2010

See that winged huge thing? This object is not something typical for our Solar System, otherwise NASA would have give it a category or a name. NASA prefer to ignore such things, or when people do ask about the nature of these phenomena, NASA says it’s just some weird effect of sun particles hitting the camera. OK… pretty not believable explanation for ME.

One more thing for you to think about: if you analyze the SIZE of thing “thing”, it’s about the size of the Earth, maybe bigger.


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