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We all want peace…

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Many incarnated souls have arrived in the past 60 years to raise the level of consciousness. They come from different universes, dimensions and planets to bring love to the earth, so that we can go into a new era that can be read about in many religions and texts.

It´s swarming with life everywhere, and we are here to give a ride of evolution. The universe is waiting to say hi. Many souls on planet earth want to have peace, but there are also people who want to have control by wars. That is about to change. We become more and more conscious about that we are all coming from the one and same source. We all want to have peace and create something better together.

We have sent this around us and pulled it towards ourselves. Soon this planet will be a cosmic civilization where love, joy, peace and creation is our truth. We have never been alone and will never be, it is a game in mild meaning, where the truth is LOVE! All souls in this now, on this earth, have chosen to be here and to go through this limited awareness.

You have simply forgotten. It is time to wake up and be the one you feel and know that you are. You are a soul incarnated on earth and you are eternal. What you see in yourself you also see in another human. We want to be happy. It is easy, but it´s about training and self-knowledge. To find one’s own truth and love of everything that is. When you realize that you are a soul that already has everything, you will stop reaching for perfection. We are all perfect the way we are. It is important to be in the now, to focus on the now. To enjoy what is. Our ego has a tendency to focus on what has been and what is going to be, instead of accepting the present as it is.


You create the future in the now. Focus on what makes you happy. Not that which makes you sad and confused. Remember not to deny your feelings, even if they feel hard, there are many layers of denial that will come up before you know who you are. What you focus on becomes your reality. It can be hard to get out of a negative model, but if you accept and love you will grow.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN and do not sink in problems that surround you. Try to let them go. If you are tired, rest as much as you can, if you are hungry, eat something light and fresh, be outside in nature – it is healing. Smile, talk uplifting words with yourself, take every situation for what it is. Don´t work yourself to death and don´t think too much…

Stop occasionally and say to yourself “Now I will take time for myself and do what I love the most. I am worth it.” If you are angry, bored and confused do not let these thoughts take over your life. We have feelings to be able to feel! And listen. If we don’t listen, it can lead to disease or stress. We feel, because it is something we humans are masters in. Every feeling exists as a guide, so be aware of them. If you feel an unpleasant feeling let it rise as warm air and steam through your body. Then visualize how this feeling disappears, so that it doesn’t stay in the body. All of your problems etc. do not just come to you as coincidences. They come for you to learn and understand about yourself. Some call it school.

I call it an experience course on planet earth. You are taking that course. You have chosen it, just like you choose a regular course here on earth, e.g. painting. Feelings won’t take over your life. They will give you guidance. Let all old thoughts fall, e.g. that you are good in nothing, you are ugly, have a boring life, etc. For us to start all over again we have to let it go and accept what we feel, when we accept something for what it is with a smile, we can begin anew. Many say that it´s hard, but it isn´t. It´s about not getting dragged in one’s prison of thoughts.

YOU ARE FREE! But you “choose” to limit yourself with negative thoughts. Instead, choose to see consciously about your problems as a positive thing, so that you can let them go and then they are not so dangerous. When you do that, you are on your way to an exam in your course. And that day will come. You have already decided it. Everything can be summarized in the word LOVE. We are all love. Everything has been created by love. We are all one. The course takes different time for everyone. But the road becomes broader and broader, with more clues and more mailmen. You will be shown the way. To ask yourself about the way is also a good hint.

Sometimes we meet negative people in our everyday life who easily infect us. That is because we humans surround ourselves with an energy field where our thoughts, feelings and health are grasped and are drawn to what is being sent. When we come near an energy field of someone else, we may feel good or bad depending on what he or she is projecting at the moment. We often get a feeling that “I enjoy myself here” or “I don´t like it here”. If we don´t want to be receptive for people’s negative energies it is important to feel that we are centered around the truth and our own energy, that we know who we are.

Negativity is nothing dangerous; it is an energy that we all have experienced. That darkness we can feel inside of us needs to be lit with light of the heart. There is no right or wrong when we speak of dark and light, they are both equally important. In this life opposites will melt together and become an understanding of the whole.

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