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In 2012, 12 / 24 December an inevitable event will happen

In 2012, 12 / 24 December an inevitable event will happen

No matter how fantastic this prediction may seem, it …

In 2012, 12 or 24 December an inevitable event will happen: the planetary ascension – the transition of mankind to a different energy level of its existence.


The information used in compiling this prediction, first published in the esoteric literature of 5-6 years ago. It is strange that it is still not widely known, since it is an immediate future of all humanity. Time will tell how true it is.


The Prediction Reads That:

From 12 to 24 December 2012 the transition of mankind to a different energy level of its existence will take place. 
Other names of this process are the planetary ascension of humanity; quantum evolutionary leap, the transition to the 5-th dimension.

No matter how fantastic this prediction may seem, it is worthy of that information, directly or indirectly related to the topic was discussed in more detail. And this is connected with the fact that the date of ascension coincides with a period of another unique phenomenon in the universe.

It is reported that at the present time, humanity lives in a fleeting moment of time when both completed three space cycle. One of them lasted for tens of thousands of years, the other – hundreds of millions of years, and the third – a few billion years. And all three cycles will be completed simultaneously at the end of 2012. (Most likely, the exact date of the event specified in the Mayan calendar – December 23, 2012.) From 2013, each planetary system in our galaxy should move to its next higher stage of evolution. Changes need to touch and our solar system and planet Earth.

If you believe this information, now humanity is on the verge of miraculous events and does not even know about it.

Tilting of the Earth Axis

In 1930 Edgar Cayce predicted a shift of Earth’s poles in the winter of 1998. Scientists are interested in this prediction, because all the prophecies come true Cayce completely. (12,000 prophecies come true, the timing attack which accounts for the period until 1970.)

Scientists have suggested that the shifts in the geographical and magnetic poles must occur simultaneously and be accompanied by strong volcanic activity. Were studied ancient deposits of layers of lava. Iron-containing inclusions, having a different melting point than the lava, are oriented in the direction of the magnetic poles. Due to this phenomenon, as well as the use of radiocarbon dating, scientists were able to pinpoint where and when was the north magnetic pole during the solidification of lava. It was found that over the past few hundred million years, the pole moved hundreds of times. Sometimes they are simply reversed. North Pole becoming the South and vice versa. In the past, the shift of the poles occurred less often, and as we approach this time – more often. Before the last shift of the north magnetic pole was located in Hawaii. His shift was almost 13,000 years ago, and prior – 26000 years ago.
As follows from esoteric sources, the next pole shift must occur immediately after a planetary ascension, or simultaneously with it.

About Ascension

There are several options and many versions of the ascension.
Ascension is happening to people, cultures, planets, galaxies, universes.
For human relevance are two options.

Physical ascension person – transfer of spirit, together with the physical body in higher dimensions without going through the experience of physical death. This is due to an increase in the frequency of vibration of all body cells and is accompanied by a state of spiritual enlightenment.
Planetary ascension – an evolutionary jump of planetary consciousness and the inhabitants of the planet from one dimension (physical, astral and three-dimensional, four) to another (five-dimension).

At the present time on Earth and around it is preparing for the planetary ascension process that is already irreversible, although it is directly dependent on the will of mankind.

But until recently acted on the Earth a different scenario for the transition of humanity into another dimension. That was the basis of those prophecies that were in the late twentieth century. They were called differently: Doomsday, Judgment Day, Hour X offset the Earth’s axis, the transition to the 4-th dimension, etc. But it’s not the name but in a single procedure for all the transition, which corresponded to a low level of spirituality of mankind made over the last two thousand years. In this scenario, the ascension process would go through only highly spiritual people, but it is at best one in a thousand or a total of 6 million people out of 6 billion.

Original date of transition to date coincided with the prophecy of Edgar Cayce on the shift Earth’s axis in the winter of 1998, and at the time of the prediction probability of both events was close to one hundred percent.

Later date of transition has been dated to the outside relative to the Earth cosmic event – a solar eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999, although “technically” the transition could be implemented at any other time since mid-1997 and early 2013. And probably all would have happened in August 1999, if events unfolded as sluggish as in the previous millennium. But during the 1987 – 1997’s on thin ground level there were a number of unique events that have dramatically changed the situation on the planet. This was reflected in the purification of the earth, entering unknown energies, a sharp rise of spirituality of mankind.

In accordance with the Will of the Creator, which became known to the Subtle World April 8, 1998, adopted a course on planetary ascension, and set its date: 12-24 December 2012.

This date is the deadline for the ascension, and can not be transferred at a later time, as he is depending on the ending in this period of cosmic processes.

It is reported that in late 2012 simultaneously completed three space cycle. (Most likely, it is on them or on the first of them, and indicates the Mayan calendar, ending December 23, 2012.)

The first cycle. Earth – Sun – the Pleiades. 26,000-year period of Earth with the solar system around a central sun Pleiades. People known to the other cycle, which is a consequence of this treatment – the precession of the equinoxes – the slow movement of Earth’s rotation axis over a circular cone with a period of complete revolution ~ 26000 years.

The influence of the first cycle on earth processes is extremely huge. Every 13,000 years in the mid-and late-cycle of 26000 years (or more precisely 25 920) tend to occur on Earth: the shift of the earth’s axis, natural disasters, the rise and fall of land, the violation of Earth’s magnetic field, three and a half days of “darkness” or something now known as the electromagnetic zero-zone, complete loss of memory of the survivors, the subsequent development of human civilization with “clean slate” (if not received help from the outside).

Second cycle. The whole system of the Pleiades, in which our Sun is ranked as the eighth star, complete turnover in its orbit around the galactic center for a period of 230 million years.

Third cycle. Our galaxy is located at the endpoint of one loop around the Great Central Sun, which takes many billions of years. In 2013, the galaxy bias goes to the next round of cosmic spiral.

When this transition happens, all the solar system, planets and their inhabitants at the same time take the first step in a new evolutionary cycle. During the transition period often occur initiatory spiritual “jump”.

Our earth and all mankind are preparing for a quantum leap, not like one of those that occurred earlier.
Thus, the earthly planetary ascension to date must occur before the completion of these three cosmic cycles, ie prior to 2013.

For the successful ascension of mankind requires that at least 144,000 people on Earth have become enlightened, the embodiment of Christ consciousness and to enhance its light body.

When will be reached “critical mass” of 144,000 people or more, the vibrational wave energy clearing will take place across the planet and its people, destroying the lower astral thought forms and dissolves the veil that separates people from their own inner experience of the divine essence and truth. Impact of each of enlightenment for the rest of the people will be so strong that each of them can pull another 144,000 people to higher levels of consciousness. In other words, 144000 Enlightened (representing 0.0022% of the population) will create a quantum leap for man 20736000000.

We explain the two did not previously used concepts.
Christ consciousness – understanding, implementation and experience of Divine Love, which is called unconditional love for all beings.

Lightbody has a name – Mer-Ka-Ba. In Hebrew «merkavah» means “chariot”. “Mer” – a special kind of light, which is defined as two light-field spindle rotating in opposite directions. “Ka” refers to the individualized spirit, and “Ba” – the interpretation of this spirit of concrete reality. However, the Mer-Ka-Ba – this vehicle, consisting of light and consciousness, in which an individual or group can move from one world to another, traveling in time, space and beyond. Mer-Ka-Ba can not just go through the reality, but also create them. It extends to all possible dimensions and each of them to show up, uses the laws of this dimension. Its form of the Mer-Ka-Ba recalls “flying saucer”.
It should be noted that without the Divine Love of the Mer-Ka-Ba will be just a machine with restrictions that do not allow the spirit to achieve the highest level of consciousness – a place where levels no longer exist.

You can re-create or strengthen the body of Light alone, love and faith, and for some people it’s the only way. Is it possible to intensify their Mer-Ka-Ba meditation techniques with the Mer-Ka-Ba and special breathing. To teach American Drunvalo Melchizedek at his seminars “The Flower of Life.” Currently, his followers regularly hold such seminars in many countries, including Russia.

After the ascension of the Earth’s population will pass the 5-th dimension, and possibly even higher. There also will rise all the disembodied humanity – the dead are raised. ” Three-dimensional earthly world will disappear.

The ascension process is secured, as the necessary “critical mass” Enlightened be achieved in a timely manner. But every man his thoughts, words and actions affect the current and future events. The highest impact on everything that happens has radiated a man the frequency of love. People are able to uniquely produce this frequency. Everyone can bring his vision to the process and create a special variant version of love. As a result of the collective creativity of humanity can create a palette of countless shades of the frequency of love, which will lead to unpredictable opportunities and wonderful consequences. And they, in turn, may open a previously unknown way in the other octave measurements. From the standpoint of normal galactic ideas about the universe, everything is so surprising that few are willing to speak openly about where this path leads. One thing is certain – humanity is on it first.

Since the beginning of the 90 years of the twentieth century, humanity is in the unique position in the whole universe and does not even know about it. In a fleeting moment of time between the years 1987 and 2012 Earth from obscure little planet, hidden in his sleeve at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, has grown into a universal “superstar”.

To summarize

In 2012, 12 and 24 December will happen an inevitable event: the planetary ascension – the transition of mankind to a different energy level of its existence.

A successful transition will provide 144,000 enlightened people. Other people can do nothing but live, how we lived before. The only thing that is required – is to create conditions for the emergence of a critical mass of Enlightened. (A more appropriate – not to interfere with this process.)

At the present time each person lived his last life on Earth. It is desirable that during the remaining time until the ascension of a man at least tried to create greatest image of its highest conception of himself and accomplished to this image in my life.

If at the time of the ascension of a great part of mankind will emit a frequency of Love, during the transition or after it happens is something unique, something, something in the universe had never existed.

Source: senav.net

Translation from Russia: silverglepha (c)



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