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Mr. Hyde, Mirror-lines or How to write subtle lyrics

Mr. Hyde, Mirror-lines or How to write subtle lyrics

 Addition (May 14, 2012):

1. Repetition is a major rhetorical strategy for producing emphasis, clarity, amplification, or emotional effect. (dictionary).

2. “The degree to which repetition is used varies widely. <…> Repetition can even transcend the bounds of a single poem. Poets often release books of their poetry, and repetition may be used throughout their poems to give a sense of unity and cohesion to the collection.” (so what we have here in Jared’s lyrics is “a collection”. Proof below.)

Disclaimer #0: For those of you who (after reading) will start throwing accusations at me I want to say that I’m a 30STM fan and I love their music. So, there’s barely any attempt to insult them or Jared on my part.

Disclaimer #1: Jared, in case you read this and think that I criticize your art I want you to know that I don’t. Art is art, and I respect that. You did what you did, and you did it great. I’m only pointing out some things that stand out to me, and TRY to analyze them on the basis of background information I have. Thank you.

I don’t know if I’m going to post it at all (and I did). I just needed to put my thoughts “on the paper” as I’m a visual. All those ideas feel cramped and messy inside my head.

Since I have philological education I feel a trained need to analyze things I read and hear. In fact, there are many ways to do it. I can’t just listen to the lyrics, for example, and ignore it. Maybe that’s why most pop stuff is unbearable for my ears. Even some German dance techno songs contain more message than the full-text Britney Spears type of song. Sorry, but that’s a fact.

So, right now I wanted to put together the things I noticed about Jared’s lyrics, and MAYBE somehow analyze the reason of why it is the way it is.

His several songs contain cross-lyrics (which I very rarely notice with anyone else). What I mean by the term is the following. It’s a line repetition, usually in pairs. And it happens several ways.

For example, two lines from a song on the 3rd album repeat two lines from a song on the 1st album. Sometimes it’s identical in wording. They are like twins or mirror images.

I find it pretty weird. I’d consider it a bad form. But I really doubt that Jared suffers the lack of ideas, or that his talent abandoned him, or any other thing like that. No way. I think the opposite. But still why does he do it? Are there no new themes for new songs or any other wordings? 2001 and 2009 are pretty different in terms of his personal life and the world as well. Why would he repeat himself without even trying to hide it?

Recurring lines can only signify the recurring ideas or thoughts that the author wants to draw readers’ or listeners’ attention to. He can’t let go of something, can he? Whatever it is, he can’t. Then it’s pretty easy to explain the use of the same skillful lines.

I do have some examples.

I like the repetition inside the 3rd album most. Close repetitions have stronger effect (on the listener).

The 3rd album.

“Closer to the edge”


No, no, no, no

I will never forget

No matter how many deaths that I die

I will never forget

No, no, no, no

I will never regret

No matter how many lives that I live

I will never regret

It’s not just a word, or a phrase, a whole sentence is repeated! Now this is fat.

Lyrical digression: Remember, I’m not making any conclusions; I simply point out and say “there must be a reason”.

I swear there’s gotta be one and the same theme for both songs.  Considering what “Hurricane” is about… God I’ll be damned… Just forget about the official video for that song, close your eyes and remember what you thought about when you first heard the song. Its lyrics!

Sometimes I think Jared makes videos in such a way, so as to distract a viewer from the original idea. Of course you don’t have to necessarily shoot a video according to the lyrics, but man, why not? You could try something close, but no, Jared does something very far from the point. Very. “Closer to the edge” video is a great example.

When a rock band becomes too POPular, it acquires POP fans, who tend to be pretty young and careless. POP fans who don’t give a flying POP to POPing understand what the POPing lyrics mean at all.

They already told me something like this: “You exaggerate, overreact. It’s just a song!”

What do you mean it’s JUST A SONG? What does it mean at all?

Oh man! Dear fans, just for you to know, trust me, Jared would be pretty much offended to hear you say something like that. Another vice of being a POPular rock band – they are not taken seriously.

“It’s his personal life. And he uses it for his inspiration. Let him write the lyrics he likes and I will just enjoy the songs (musically)!” – Another thing I was also told. Many fans took a fashion of tattooing some “strong lines” on their bodies not even knowing what they mean… Pity.

My congrats, Jared! You successfully achieved what you (and it’s just my opinion) were aiming at. You did distract kids’ attention from the songs’ content. But not all kids. Some older fans do see and hear, and have the ability to analyze.

But… Surprise, surprise! It does not concern ALL the songs from the 3rd album. When the message is common and addresses some global issues – Jared says it the way is should be said. He synchronizes the video with the lyrics. Example: “This is War” video. Pretty transparent. “Hurricane”? One hell of a distraction, BUT STILL it does have a little piece, a part of the original theme (but few know which episode exactly it is). “Closer to the edge” – now here we find NOTHING in the video that relates to the lyrics AT ALL. (Though I admit that every band has a right to make THESE kinds of videos.)

I wonder what other means Jared would have found to distract our attention if he had to make videos for EVERY song on the album. Then I could say without pretence: he deliberately misleads the viewer with inappropriate (unmatching) videos to the songs that are about… LOVE. Full stop.

If you don’t mind I’ll TRY to make a list and classify the songs according to their themes. A rough separation though. I know I may be very mistaken, but my opinion has the right to exist as I am a representative of the audience the song was written for.




Global issues*



LOVE alone

Song I doubt about

Kings and queens 100 suns (100%) 1<Escape
This is war (love-wise) Hurricane (102%) 2<Night of a hunter (love revenge)
Vox populi (love-wise) Closer to the edge (yes, I’m positive: 101%) 2<Search and destroy (?)
Alibi (200%)

* – any social theme(s)

P.S. I hope you see the obvious – LOVE column is in evident numeral superiority.

P.P.S. to the table: if you are interested I advise you to do the same with the previous album. You’ll be very surprised.

Who is this love that he writes songs about in such a number that it is kind of suspicious? Oh no, I’m not violating the boarders of his personal life. I’m just trying to say that most fans deny LOVE theme at all! They find pretty nice arguments to place songs in the 1st column. Though I have no idea how can you state that “Hurricane” is not about Love. No, guys, they are about his precious LOVE to someone very special (the same special one who was mentioned in numerous songs on the previous album). And guys, no matter how tolerant and open-minded I might be – this is NOT Shannon (it’s not the prejudice tells me, but the factual information), and (like most still think) it’s NOT Cameron. Ok, I think I lost my initial train of thoughts and moved to the area I’m not supposed to touch. Sorry.

Oh, I forgot a very important point! I failed to come up with ideas about WHY (and it really is obvious) Jared distracts viewers’ attention from songs with love theme? And WHY he doesn’t simply use a love theme in a video at all? Why? Many rock bands do it with ease. But maybe, just maybe it’s not us he’s talking to? Hm? I mean he simply wants a certain someone to hear what he has to say, to express love, to blame, to revenge (!), to accuse, to persuade, to beg even. But he surely doesn’t want to show any romance, love story or scene in his videos. What for? Won’t he be too obvious? Get all ‘naked’, stripped to his feeling in front of the Echelon and many others? So, they could see his personal life he guards so diligently? Guess he is not a soul exhibitionist. It makes sense. Remember what he once said? “The more popular I become, the harder I will try to keep my personal life to myself”. I don’t remember the exact wording. Maybe I will find it later. So here you go – the WHY.

Other pair songs that I’ve found. I’ve put numbers of the albums in brackets to make it convenient to compare.

Stranger in a strange land (3)

Oblivion (1)

The end is coming,

Everybody run now

The enemy arrives

Escape into the night

Everybody run now

Echelon (1)

Closer to the edge (3)

It took a moment before I lost myself in here

It took a moment and I could not be found

I remember one moment,

I tried to forget
I lost myself, is it better not said.

Attack (2)

Hurricane (3)

In term of meaning they are the same.

I would have kept you forever

But we had to sever…

The love we had, the love we had

We had to let it go

И вместо выводов для русскоговорящих цитирую высказывание человека в теме: “И чувствуется, что песни написаны в разное время – настолько они разнокалиберные. Все эти завороты на тему Вселенной, космоса и прочих “общих” тем – это почти у всех групп на начальном этапе бывает, плюс не будем забывать, что Жасек художествам учился и масштабность его всегда пленяла. И лирическая тема возникает там как-то неожиданно – причем чувствуется, что чел на ком-то зациклен неслабо, но переживания такие свежие, что он их даже толком обозвать-то ещё не может, нужные слова не приходят. Да и Жасек, уж что греха таить, не мастер слова… aheronta ©

By the way, the song “Echelon” is so… interesting… that it needs a separate blog post. Sure thing a name of a fan club, a cult, comes from this title. But the song is about something else. Especially if we compare it with “Closer to the edge” and see that they have things in common (see the table above). And as I mentioned earlier, “Closer to the edge” is close to “Hurricane” in meaning.

Make your own conclusions.



  1. So, if you find out more you could tell us. I’ve also noticed this you say, but I really don’t deepen in it as much as you have done.

    Comment by Izzy — 24.10.2011 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

    • I’m sure happy that I’m not the only one to notice that.
      It is YOUR right to choose what to believe. I am not going to prove anything here. Who the person is – is not my objective to prove (tho I know WHO it is), especially in a blog. I only wanted to discuss the lyrics.
      thank you for the comment

      Comment by silver_glepha — 27.10.2011 @ 8:01 am | Reply

  2. Oh, and let me tell you that I think A beautiful lie record was written for Cameron, I don’t know about this one, but maybe. What are your reasons to think it is not referred to her? It is pretty clear that he still doesn’t want to see her.

    Comment by Izzy — 24.10.2011 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

    • Izzy
      But Jared said nothing about love. Nor to Cameron, nor to anyone else.Girlfriend is just a girlfriend and nothing more. In addition, the third album was written about the same and has much in common with the previous ones.Also about Cam? Why can’t you suppose that he has something more substantial, in which he doesn’t want anyone to devote?

      Comment by Claudia Kutepova — 25.10.2011 @ 7:05 am | Reply

  3. Honey, how tenacious myth of his love for Cameron!))))Don’t knock out with the stick from people’s minds.

    Comment by Claudia Kutepova — 25.10.2011 @ 7:03 am | Reply

    • Thank you for the comment, dear!
      You’re right. A myth was perfectly “written” in the minds of fans and others who cared.
      I won’t ever believe that “A Beautiful Lie” is about Cameron. Maybe 5%. Maybe.
      See? People don’t even react to my objective analysis. They go into investigation – who is the ONE, tho I said I won’t discuss it here.

      Comment by silver_glepha — 27.10.2011 @ 8:15 am | Reply

  4. to all: as I said in the post – Discussing WHO is the one and only Jared’s song are written for – is not my objecting here. I only pint out the theme and the scale of “the problem”. I’d even allow myself to say that he wouldn’t even write a single album if it wasn’t for that LOVE ‘occasion’. Daring, but still a huge possibility. I will say only one thing: chronically Cameron doesn’t agree with the 2nd and the 3rd album timing and of other events.
    thank you

    Comment by silver_glepha — 25.10.2011 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

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