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Happiness is everywhere where I’m not

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Happiness is everywhere where I’m not. I should be used to it by now, but I never fail to step on the same rake. I mean I should reconcile myself to this fate. It’s not my path to be happy. Though somehow I always forget about it and try and try again ‘till I’m bruised and broken. Make oneself happy and become happy through making others happy is NOT the same thing.


Even my Zodiac sign description says: Aquarius never becomes prosperous, but their advice about the best choice to others is always correct. One should always listen to what Aquarius says about future.

My path is to make other people happy and comfortable. Guess it’s where my own happiness lies.

Easier said then done. You know what it presupposes? It means you should forsake your own personal life. Even if I fall in love or like someone – it’s temporary. I can move mountains for the ones I love, but the focus always shifts. There are too many people I want to help, want to love, and want to be happy. So, that is totally natural for my lover to get offended if all my attention doesn’t belong to him.

Happiness is everywhere where I’m not. But I will take the challenge – I will plant my own happiness tree. I will be the change.


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