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I tried to love people…

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Oh, I tried to love people, every other person like Jesus preached. I did. I tried not because I’m religious (which I’m not, I’m rather spiritual though), but because I know it is really important for myself, for others, for the whole planet. I know it.


I tried but it is barely possible. It’s not like people jump at you when you try to love them for whoever they are. Like “Oh my god! This is so sweet! I’m a bitch but you still want to put up with me and let me humiliate you over and over again! Aw, thank you! You make my day seem brighter!” or “I feel so ashamed! I do such horrible things and you still love me! I need to change right now!”

Oh, No! Far from it. They never do any of this! What’s hard to believe is that they PUSH AWAY your love. They make you think they don’t need it. How overly deranged is that? Every person that does it has a brain disorder, trust me.

I don’t get it how people focus on their own little lives without seeing things around them. And I don’t mean “little” as “meaningless”, no. I mean when you sit on the bench daydreaming, and a butterfly sits on your hand. You try not to move and just admire this little creature.

People don’t see the bigger picture. Almost never see. The better part of them doesn’t see that they with all their whining, stress and disappointment look so stupid and childish. Shameful.

I often get ashamed instead of them. I see people do shameful things and I get ASHAMED INSTEAD of them! What happened to the world?

You can’t disagree with this: “The higher my conscience stand, the farther I see”.

I should try to love people again.



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