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I pity those who follow fashion…

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I pity those who follow fashion. And lately the fashion is to say “Putin is evil”.

Do you, Europeans and Americans think we see him as our hero, that we are in love with his policy at home? No. Far from it. We have our still undecided problems in social sphere and what not. It’s a big country, it takes times and patience to govern our Motherland.

But there are times when we are proud of our President. We are proud when he does not let our country offended. We are proud when he keep greedy hands of American and European rulers away from us. There is nothing more valuable for a Russian person than the sence of JUSTICE! It is inborn and inherited. We do not need a political analyst to see when SOME COUNTRY is WRONG. Totally wrong.

Surely THIS country has its own interest here, its avaricious interest. Same is The UK, for your information. But I talk about common people who just want NO MORE DEATHS. The People who do not want their relatives and friends killed. Many Russian people have relatives in Ukraine in both parts.

I don’t watch TV for almost 7 years. but when I come home to my Mum I watch news with her. And what I see? I see everyday reports on our main channels with footage of civil people being killed in Eastern Ukraine. Someone’s grandpa’s and grandma’s, pregnant women, invalids are torn in meat pieces while they simply walk around their block of flats at midday. Is it OK?

I see nightmares every night after such news.

So, what I am leading to… People who follow fashion are no better than sheep. When a teenager girls dreams of nothing than o mobile phone by an infamous brand just because it is fashionable I pity her.

Fashion is for those who don’t have their own creativity to choose for themselves.

I pity those who follow fashion. I like people with STYLE.

If you know what I mean…



I tried to love people…

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Oh, I tried to love people, every other person like Jesus preached. I did. I tried not because I’m religious (which I’m not, I’m rather spiritual though), but because I know it is really important for myself, for others, for the whole planet. I know it.



Happiness is everywhere where I’m not

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Happiness is everywhere where I’m not. I should be used to it by now, but I never fail to step on the same rake. I mean I should reconcile myself to this fate. It’s not my path to be happy. Though somehow I always forget about it and try and try again ‘till I’m bruised and broken. Make oneself happy and become happy through making others happy is NOT the same thing.



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