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No Smoking. No Illuminati too?

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Guess what I saw at the ticket box office of “Luzhniki Olympic Complex”, Moscow.

A sticker near the box office window.

So, no Illuminati here?

That’s NICE…


Another German KEYness

Many things that happen to me lately are astonishingly coincidental.

Here is one of them. I have tons of mp3s on my computer. Usually I don’t listen to all of them, I’m picky about my music. But today I was doing my daily routine and put the player on PLAY ALL.  10 songs went by and then I heard something familiar. “…King of Pop…”

I looked at my player and saw the song that  was playing: Xavier Naidoo – Goldwaagen/Goldwagen. (well, yeah, I like German music, but I don’t know German language…)

The album – Alles Kann Besser Werden –  with this song has Release Date: October 16, 2009




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Leo, how could you?


June 25th – BAM?

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See here the full article.




Michael Jackson Pig Mask from The “SAW” Movie

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[this is an extract from a wiki page about the Jigsaw (killer) from THE  SAW movie]

The pig mask is a thematic prop worn by Jigsaw and his accomplices throughout the Saw film series to conceal their identities while abducting their “test subjects”. As the series continues, the purpose of the pig mask is explored in detail; it is explained to be a tribute to the “Year of the Pig”, the year in which Jigsaw started his work. [from me: 1995, 2007 are the years of pig]


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