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Huge Winged Disс Near the Sun

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On AboveTopSecret Forum I found a thread where a person gave a link to a photo of the sun taken by SOHO, then I deleted “the tail” of the pic, that is /…../…../……jpeg,  so that i would see the place where the pic is stored, the original catalogue.

So, I got here





A Hole In the Sky Again

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A Hole In the Sky Again

A hole in the sky again like the one we saw in Moscow in October 2009 (if I’m not mistaken)

You can go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV3mJulzLDA&feature=related and read the video description made in several languages.

I copy English one:

This happened the day Monday, February 8, 2010, approximately 13:00 in the Cerro de San Juan Acatlán de Osorio, Puebla. They are magnetic portals, he says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center (Goddard Space Flight Center, in English) “Transfer is called flow event or ‘FTE’ (for its acronym in English)” solar explosions caused by compressing the magnetic fields of the earth and creates objects that fall outside of our atmosphere to land. Judge for yourself and welcome your comments, and for this, as on other occasions has appeared in this place, and has been on different occasions and even UFO video, UFO or clouds can be seen as some unidentified flying objects out or pass in the formation of clouds and if they pass extraterrestrial particles, it could also use the UFOs. . . . Your opinion is the last word. . . again this is real .. .

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